Harley-Davidson to union: Cut Costs or We're Moving

Comprise or Die for Harley-Davidson Unions

While the company has done better than Wall Street suits expected in the first quarter of 2010, the company management is still looking for ways to trim the fat.  Thursday, April 29th, Company officials told the union that significant cuts would have to be made or it would move all its Milwaukee manufacturing operations to other states.

This announcement does not include the headquarters or recently opened museum.

According to company spokesman Bob Klein, "cost gaps" totaling $54 million must be filled, the largest of which pertain to labor costs and scheduling flexibility. Klein says, "Our preference is to keep the production operations in Wisconsin, but as part of due diligence we will also explore alternate U.S. sites."

The plants in Menomonee Falls and Tomahawk account for slightly more than 1,400 jobs in Wisconsin.

In the recent past, HD management won concessions from its unions in York Pennsylvania after threatening to move out of state.  The unions say that while the plant remained in York, its members were forced to sign a 7 year contract that cut more than half of its 1,900 jobs.

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  1. Corporate liars living in mega mansions strike again. Remember the workers don’t design the bikes they just build em. If Harley goes over seas with assembly like they did with parts it will be their death nell. I am a Harley rider (RK and Sporty) but why would I stick with them if they become just another import. BUY AMERICAN.

  2. I think if a new bike costs more than a fullsize american made truck there is defiantely something wrong.Besides all the white collar RUBS already have there midlife crisis bike and the trends over.Now when the RUBS start selling off there low mileage bikes theres going to be way better deals to be had than going to the stealership and buying a bike that requires there $400 oil changes.And yes from what i understand most the parts are made overseas and the corporate fat cats outta go on unemployment.Thanks for all the commercials for new bikes but ill stick with my old shovelhead.

  3. Why do companies always go after the blue collar worker when they want to cut cost? Someone needs to take a good look at how many fat cats they’ve got, sitting in their air conditioned offices playing video games while the grunt on the production floor is sweating his ass off just trying to get one more bike out the door to apease management.
    Manufacturing has gone done the tubes in this country, but don’t blame it on the workers. Put the blame where it belongs, the big boys in the offices are whats killing the middle class.
    As the old saying goes, the fish rots from the head down!

  4. I wonder how many millions were paid out last year in bonuses to C level employees? And what cuts have been made there?

  5. hey stinger youre a ahole ive got 70000 on mine and guess what ahole i havent rebuilt anything i am so tired of you crybabies its not funny anymore

  6. You know what move, you are over price on your products. Then you look at your add-ons and where are they made every where but here. I rode harleys but they are not a well built, any thing that shakes will come loose. Inclosing i bought a suzuki for several reason, they are around for years and years with out any major re-builds. Look at the Gold wings, 100,000 miles no problems, Voyagers 80,000. Then take Harleys there big bikes they will be rebuilt by 25,000. Harleys needs to learn something they need to remember how our crappy cars was built in the 80/90s and the world took are car market away, sames happen you.

  7. Harley is headed south and I don’t mean out of state. They are headed SOUTH as in Mexico. Your chrome covered and overpriced relics will now be assembled by deported illegal immigrants. That ought to save a buck or two.

  8. Well that sucks, but at least they will be staying in the USA and not outsourcing to Bangladesh.

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