Fountain or Mountains? Choose Our June 2010 Cover

We're nothing if not indecisive when it comes to good cover shots.  We like to pass the buck, so this month we're leaving it up to our readers to decide.  Which cover do you like best for the annual June travel issue.  Vote early, vote often.  Comment below choosing the "Fountain Cover" or the "Mountains Cover"

The Mountains

The Fountain

Web Staff


  1. Fountain,
    Looks as if the rider has stopped to enjoy some man-made scenery.
    Looks as if riders are enjoying Gods creations.
    …. I choose Mountains.

  2. “The Mountains” doesn’t look like Springtime.
    “Fountain” kind of does, unless those are leaves on the ground.
    I prefer an action shot so my vote goes to “Mountains”.

  3. I love the fountain. The mountains look like winter. Just don't want to see cold now. Just lived through it.

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