Ooops! What Happened?

According to the website, Wauwatosa Now a Harley-Davidson employee crashed the motorcycle she was learning to ride into a fence in the employee parking lot at the Capitol Drive facility today.  The police report said the 57 year old employee was a new rider and was practicing maneuvers in the parking lot when she noticed the throttle was sticking (probably the throttle lock was engaged) and twisted it hard thinking that would loosen it up.  Unfortunately the bike surged forward and she struck a chain link fence.  The employee was treated at local hospital and released.  The bike was said to have suffered "extensive" front end damage.

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  1. now she knows how chain link tastes. I’ve eat’n my fair share of dirt and logs. Ride on lady, Ride On.

  2. My fist time on a bike, a 125cc Kow, They, the place I bought the bike from, turned me loose in a 40 acre field. The only thing in this field was a small trailer they used as a concession stand for the moto cross races.

    They showed me where the shift lever and breaks were and turned me loose..I did GREAT for about 10 seconds, then I had to find the shifter and of course I was looking down and not where I was going…straight into the tongue of that trailer that was sitting about 6 inches off the ground resting on a cement block.. I screamed, hit it , went over the top of the handle bars and landed on the other side of the trailer on my rear.
    I had a scratch on my leg and my ego was badly bruised, but I had bent the front forks of my brand new bike. The guys came running and decided they could fix the bike for free and sent me home.
    I spent many many good years riding on that bike and enjoyed the open road with the wind in my face.
    I no longer have a bike, but would love to ride again.

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