Maddison jumps Canal in Greece

On Thursday April 8th Robbie "Maddo" Maddison became the first person to jump the Cornith canal in Greece. Not that there have been a lot of unsuccessful attempts but we're not taking anything away from Robbie. The stunt, sponsored by Red Bull, was the latest in a series of jumps which leave us wondering, 'what's next?" On New Year's Eve, in 2007 Maddison broke a Guinness Record length jump of 322 feet 7.5 inches, then in 2008 he soared 120 feet and landed atop a 96-foot high scale version of the Arc de Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas. He then dropped 50 feet onto a landing ramp, breaking his wrist. This past July Maddison did a no-handed back flip over the open span on London's Tower Bridge.
In jumping the Canal, Maddison rode a Honda 500 and accellerated to a speed of 78 mph.

Maddison said, "Jumping across the Corinth Canal has become in my mind a challenge I just could not resist," he said. "This jump involved the highest consequences I have faced so far, so the first obstacle I had to overcome was my fear. I believe you have to take risks in life to become wiser, and facing a challenge like this will help get me ready for the next feat I will face. I am thrilled I managed to pull it off. As you know, there is only one opportunity to get it right."


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