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ATLANTA, GA (April 26, 2010) - Parts manufacturing is one more item that Bryan Fuller, owner of Fuller Hot Rods in Atlanta, can add to his list of industry contributions. The automotive and motorcycle specialist has created and recently unveiled a number of  motorcycle parts including the Honda Points Cover, Buell XB Carb Conversion, Triple Clamp Set, and Velocity Stack. After putting months of design time and machining into crafting these specialty parts Fuller has listed these parts for purchase on the Fuller Hot Rod website at www.fullerhotrods.com.

Honda Points Cover- When building a CB550 project, the crew at Fuller Hot Rods ran into a problem. What to do with the ugly stock chrome points cover? The solution? Get a new one cast on site in Atlanta. Their cast aluminum points cover is perfect for that custom touch and allows for engraving or machining. It is offered in rough cast or semi finished and will fit CB500/4, 550/4 and 750/4 with points on the right side of the crankshaft. The Honda Points Cover sells for $120.00.

Buell XB Carb Conversion- This Stainless Steel Intake will mount a carb on to a 2002-present XB-9 or XB-12. Normally these bikes are Fuel Injected but Fuller likes to switch his to carb to reduce the number of wires and remove the computer. Water Jet flanges out of 3/8" 308 Stainless is fixture welded, and bolts directly to the engine so no other mounts are necessary. S&S Super G carbs or PSI Power carbs will bolt directly to this unit. Mikuni can be mated with their adapters. The Buell XB Carb Conversion sells for $399.00.

Triple Clamp Set- These beautiful triple clamps are CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum to Fuller Hot Rods’ specifications. They are designed to fit Fullers’ Buell based "Fueller" choppers with stock XB Showa inverted forks but could also be used for custom Harley Davidson applications. Stem hole size is 1", lower clamp fork ID is 56mm and the upper is 54mm. Fork offset is 5mm less than stock Buell XB9/12. Fuller’s Triple Clamp Set sells for $799.00.

Velocity Stack- Beautifully machined carburetor intake velocity stack in 6061 Aluminum. 2" ID, 3" long, 3.4" OD at wide end. 5/32" thick material allows room for modification for custom applications if needed. The Velocity Stack sells for $50.00.

Shop online at www.fullerhotrods.com to purchase any of Fuller’s specialty parts or visit their website to learn more about Fuller Hot Rods and keep an eye on the progress of any of Fuller’s projects.

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