Concerned Bikers Protest Motorcycle Only Roadblocks

The Concerned Biker Association of North Carolina sent out a press release letter to its members and the press stating their objection to law enforcement's use of "motorcycle only" roadblocks.   In the unsigned press release, CBA states, "During the late summer of 2009 there were two separate law enforcement license/vehicle checks in North Carolina that targeted only motorcycles.  Other vehicles were allowed through without being checked.  These checks were in Newport, NC and Jacksonville, NC.  Both of these are military towns.  We believe that these roadblocks are not legal and that they are discriminatory due to profiling based upon mode of transportation.  Contacts regarding this have been made to legislators, the law enforcement agencies involved, the Governor’s Highway Safety Program and other governmental officials by our organization and others.  Law enforcement seems to think that these enforcement tactics are a great idea.  We do not.  We have started a fund to help combat these roadblocks in the future"

The group is asking North Carolina motorcyclists to inform them of any such roadblocks and to take pictures and video if possible.  For more info email ncroadblocks@gmail.com or visit www.cba-abatenc.org

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