California Proposes Tougher Regulations On Motorcycles & ATV’s

CARB proposes new regulations

California's tough air quality standards are likely to get tougher by 2014 if CARB (California's Air Resource Board) has it's way.  The Motorcycle Industry Council, MIC, says these new regulations will be difficult, if not impossible for manufacturers to implement.

In a DealerNews blog CARB proposes an ORVR (Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery) standard, emissions credits for low-emitting vehicles (including electric units), and mandated compatibility relating to fuel and Phase II vapor recovery.  A public hearing was held today from 1-4pm PST.

The Motorcycle Industry Council says CARB should have fuel compatibility limitations, be careful when using survey data, make all test data available, consider anti-tampering requirements, and consider the economic conditions when implementing the new rule, according to DealerNews.

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